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In a busy, fast-paced world, family well-being is all about finding flexible, reliable care and learning for kids and easy access to products/goods and services—but it doesn’t take long for us to reach the edge of our social circle and run out of options for dayhomes, babysitters, tutors, or extra-curricular instructors. With LiiT Care Connect, get beyond the limitations of word-of-mouth to get the childcare and learning support you need, when you need it. We match you to the provider you need with real-time communication and online payments all in one place, with no need to keep track of phone numbers or emails.

Easy Organization

Transparent, Easy Organization

Manage your childcare calendar within the AirBNB-inspired LiiT Care Connect platform, with no need to juggle communications or remember contact information elsewhere. See who’s available when you need them, and easily find new options for care and child development.


Find the support you need without relying on social media or word of mouth

Looking for a last-minute sitter, after-school program, or dayhome, parents often put the word out on social media—but Facebook social media offers us no privacy, no ability to keep track of contacts, and no due diligence. That’s if you even get a response! With LiiT Care Connect, expand your circle of support far beyond who you know to get help when you need it.


Your Trusted, Safe Community of care

Our network of ID-verified connections features parent reviews and recommendations as well as privacy for families to access the support they need, when they need it. Our trusted, independent platform was designed specifically for families.