When you sign up to create a new listing, you’ll first complete your profile by uploading your Name, Address, and Phone Number as well as complete your ID verification.

Finally, add your banking information to accept payments every 7 days. Banking information is for internal use only and not available to the general public.

Now you’re ready to list your tutoring services. Under ADD SERVICE OFFERING from the homepage, fill in the following:

  • Your ABOUT section, this is your chance to “sell” your service
  • Your classes, grades or areas of specialty
  • Your availability (online, in-person, or both)
  • Your location(s)
  • Your hourly rate
  • Image of yourself or your logo

When you list your tutoring services on LiiT Care Connect , we consolidate all your communications here. The MESSAGES tab on the left sidebar is where all your back-and-forth with potential clients will stay.

Easy Organization

To monitor job requests, check in with CHILDCARE GIGS:

  • PENDING ACCEPTANCE will alert you to new job requests to accept or decline.
  • PENDING PAYMENT will list accepted gigs that have not yet received payment.
  • ACTIVE lists your upcoming confirmed and paid bookings.
  • COMPLETED is your history of completed gigs.
Easy Organization

To track payments, click on EARNINGS:

  • PENDING lists earnings that not yet received.
  • ACTUAL EARNINGS totals received payments.
Looking to list your tutoring services?

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