About Us

The childcare saga continues…

It was at 2 a.m. when the call came in. A desperate cry for help from a husband as his wife went into labor. They needed someone to stay with their toddler as they went to the hospital, remember it was 2 a.m.!

This, was one of many moments and incidents where I realized the disadvantage of NOT having an instant village, a reliable community of people to help you in your desperate time of childcare needs. It reinvigorated my dream of having a safe and convenient space to facilitate the interaction of parents and childcare providers.

Many of our younger selves never understood the value and positive impact on parents, especially for mothers having support while raising and caring for their child/ren. But as we started our parenting journey, raising our two boys, far from home (Zimbabwe) my husband and I understood firsthand the difficulty and challenges parents face when finding childcare and parenting support. Even so, for care outside the typical school ad daycare hours.

My journey as a mother has made me realize that childcare is not just for parents to be able to go to work but is fundamental for mental health and is an essential part of self-care in its unique way.

Today l am leveraging my experiences as a working mother and a former childcare provider to bring this “Digital Village” to life.

Because all mothers – all parents – deserve easy access to convenient, inclusive, and affordable childcare.

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